Meet Up group allows you to interact with industry experts from around the world. Whether you need to speak to CEOs or consulting oncologists, Meet Up group facilitates these conversations enabling you to gain powerful insights to support your research.

The core objective of this group is to bring not only Architects (EA/SA/BA,etc.) but also Strategy, Advisory, Business Development, etc. leaders and all those interested in the discipline of Architecture and Emerging Technologies together and to share knowledge, practices, visionary, etc. The targeted topics are- Emerging Tech, Solution Design, Business Arch, Solution Arch, BD & Advisory, Cross-Platform & Integration, Opensource, etc. No industry domain and topic if off the limit.Open for more recommendations and so please share topics.

Connect to industry expert executives around the world

Meet Up maintains a large network of industry executives from every industry in every country. If you need to collect insight to support your work from subject matter specialists, submit a project to our platform and watch the profiles roll in. Our talented pool of associates find the right subject matter experts for even the most niche project requests.

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